At the age of 28, I am a mother of two cute girls (two for now..), having a very happy family with my beloved husband. I am a primary school teacher by profession. I enjoy my life even sometimes it's hard to combine a motherhood with a career.Although my life is very occupied with a lot of things,this does not mean that i don't have time for other things. I still manage to do all the housework and doing so many things at school. Thousands mother out there could do this well, why shouldn't I? I'm giving myself a time to keep learning about everything..for a better me.
I'm 'blogging' for myself..writing and sharing something about my life as a me myself, as a mother, as a wife, as a teacher and so on. It's all about my surroundings, my pretty girls, my lovely husband, my family and my school.I'm doing this for fun but at the same time trying to share something which i hope it's useful. Doing this is not my priority, i'll update something if only i have "time" to do so. :)